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You probably noticed that my website has changed. This is a really good thing and hopefully, once the dust settles, it will be a much better site and process for posting my photos and ideas. Please be patient as I work through technology, logistics, and time constraints to bring you a new and improved Sean Openshaw website.  



July 2007

Northern Arizona Healthcare

Website Integration Architect

In coordination with the Marketing Director, I oversee the public-facing website, patient portal, and employee Intranet for Northern Arizona Healthcare, a three-hospital system with more than 2,500 employees and 300 affiliated active medical staff. My position
has transformed over the years while working in IT (Information Technology) and recently moved under the Marketing umbrella. I find my job extremely rewarding and challenging as healthcare moves towards adoption of web and mobile technologies.
November 2004
July 2007

IT/eMedia Director

I led a team of programmers, web developers, artists, and sales for the
Arizona Daily Sun as the newspaper started to embrace the online world.
July 2004

Chief Photographer

I started at the Arizona Daily Sun after working for both the Mesa Tribune and the Arizona Republic before starting full-time at the Flagstaff newspaper as a
staff photographer. I was later promoted to Chief Photographer, where I stayed until being promoted to oversee the website division and then IT Director.



Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science in Photojournalism

Bachelor of Science in Photojournalism — Arizona State University College
of Public Affairs, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, August 1993


I am a freelance photographer and don't have a storefront that you can visit. Phone: (928) 600-9007 sean at openshaw dot net  


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