Sean Openshaw

My name is Sean Openshaw and I'm an editorial, portrait, sports and event photographer living in Flagstaff, Arizona.

2020 Coconino High School Graduation photos
Sure, the coronavirus has turned the world upside down, but It’s not every graduating class gets to have a parade down the middle fo Flagstaff. Thank you, Stacie Zanzucchi and CHS staff for finding a way to make graduation so memorable in such an insane time in our lives.
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2020 NPA Graduation
One of the hardest things that I’ve had to watch during this pandemic is the senior class of 2020 who have had their senior year stripped away from them. This was to be the year they impress all the scouts and recruiters and universities with their grades and activities and skills. But how do you ...
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Prime Time Athletics sports photos
Thank you Dana and Lynda for contacting me about photographing Prime Time Athletics team photos. Some of my all-time favorite types of portraits to take are sports photos. I’ve been photographing team photos for years and years and it never gets old. Actually, just the opposite it true. The worse part is that in order ...
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FALA Dance Department Presents: 2019 Winter Escapades
I’ve photographed a lot of dance performances in the past, but I have to say that this one produced some of my most favorite images ever. The Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy dancers that were performing the 2019 Winter Escapades, were on fire. Everyone had the moves and expressions and energy that made shooting this ...
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2020 Kahtoola Uphill
Here are some of my favorites.
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Velocity team photos
Here are some of my favorites of the Canyon Dance Academy Velocity Team. Click here to see all Velocity Team Photos.
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2019 Turquoise Ball
Click here to see all 2019 Turquoise Ball photos.
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A Christmas Carol – A modern dance holiday classic – 2019
Please follow this link to see the hundreds of photos from the 2019 A Christmas Carol, A modern dance holiday classic 2019, presented by Canyon Movement Company. https://proofs.seanopenshaw.com/2019-christmas-carol
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Aladdin – NPA Dance
To see all the hundreds of 2019 NPA Aladdin photos and buy prints, visit here: https://proofs.seanopenshaw.com/2019-npa-aladdin
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