Team Sports Photography

May 21, 2018

Team photos fall victim to the, one-pose, hurry-up-and-smile, over-Photoshopped, often cheesy, ‘school picture day’ production-line.

I believe every player should get a chance to spotlight themselves with multiple poses, dramatic lighting and no, you don’t have to smile.

We set up simple backgrounds and complicated lighting so that we get the team through quickly while producing stunning portraits of each athlete.

If you’re tired of the way your team is usually photographed and want to capture your athletes in all their badass-ness, then please contact me today.

If your team is off the beaten path and doesn’t get enough love because you aren’t one of the fabulous two (basketball and football), then I definitely want to talk with you!

New in 2020: Player stories

I believe there is more to these athletes than what they look like. Why do they play? What challenges have they faced? What have they learned from their journey that they can share to help others along the same path.

I want to combine photos, video and words into short athlete profiles as part of the packages I provide.