It's all about the story

My clients are faced with one of life’s milestones – a wedding, graduation, anniversary, fundraiser, retirement, birthday, celebration, or diagnosis.

Initially, they’re looking for someone to help them ‘capture the moment,’ through photography or video. But together, we collaborated to document not only the moment but what lead up to the moment and ultimately, what the moment meant.

A photo an can capture a decisive moment. It can speak 'a thousand words.' It can beautifully summarize what it all looked like. Video will add to that - depth, sound and movement.
But what about the story behind the moment - all the work invested to get you here - and what does it mean for the future?
I'm here to help ask the right questions, listen for the best answers and capture the most important 'thousand words' with photography, cinematography and yes, words.

There's more to a moment -

than the moment.

Story Packages

Every project I start has an elements of story that includes photography, video and interviews.

We work together to capture the decisive moments of an event or the nuances of what someone looks like. We look back and identify the moments and story that got you here. And then we look ahead to what it all means.

All those elements (old footage and images, interviews, current photos), are edited into a physical book and compelling video.


All high-resolution images

3-5 min video

Hard or softbound 'story book'

Edited and transcribed interviews

Starting At:

900 USD

See examples

(coming soon)

Love Stories

The wedding day may be a pinnacle moment in a relationship, but it's also just the beginning of a third story that's been in the making for a long time.

We'll explore the back-story of both our heroes and the story of how the love story began.

We'll work together to tell the origin story of our heroes and how love began.

We'll produce a film you can show on your wedding day and a story book that can be shared. And then we'll go on to capture the moments on your wedding day


Video interviews

Engagement photos

Wedding-day Love Story

Wedding day coverage and story

Starting At:

3,500 USD

See examples

(coming soon)

Other Types of Stories

Senior Stories

There is so much more to a high school senior than what they look like

It's not easy to watch them leave home after so many years at the center of your life. And taking 'senior photos' is a right of passage. But after taking hundreds of senior photos over the years (to include my own son) , I know that there are details - fears, ambitions, accomplishments, personality - that can never be captured in photographs.

Work with me to truly capture who this person is, the mark this young adult has made and their dreams for the future.


Let's capture and celebrate life before it's too late

When my grandmother turned 90, she didn't want to attend the 'celebration of her life' from her casket, so we created a video history of her life - her adventures, her family, her impact and she sat front and center while 100+ people watched and honored her life.

That moment profoundly changed me.

Let's gather old photos, video and stories and add create a narrative with film, words and photos, that capture that special someone and all they've accomplished.

Or let's take the 'family photo' at a whole new level with photos, video and interviews and truly capture who your family is, not just what they look like.


There is more to your event or your business than what photos or a promotional video can capture

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek

Let's work together to combine photography, video and the story about what you do and why you do it, so that your fans can rally behind you and support what you do.

Let's capture and celebrate all the hard work that goes into what you do, so that your true meaning can shine through the products or services you provide.

Get In Touch

Please call or email so that we can talk about your story and how we can tell it in a way that will resonate with your audience. Let's not just do this for the sake of taking photos or making a video.

If you already have a photographer for your wedding, let's talk about how we can work together to tell your story (I love collaborating with other artists).

If you like my photography but this isn't quite what you were looking for, let me help you find someone local who I would highly recommend. Better yet, call me to discuss how we can work what I do into your budget and vision.

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