Sports Team Photography

March 27, 2020

I love photographing sports in Northern Arizona. I like photographing action sports and team sports and individual sports and sports portraits. Any and all kinds of sports photography are my favorite.

I’ve photographed professional sports while working for the Arizona Daily Sun, the Arizona Republic and Mesa Tribune and I even got to photograph a Super Bowl when it landed in Phoenix.

And while it’s a lot of fun photographing from the sidelines of the Phoenix Suns or Arizona Cardinals, I just just as much fulfillment when I photograph a Flagstaff High School basketball game or micro soccer team photos.

What I like most about photographing team pictures is the challenge of setting up lighting so that it can be dramatic, while at the same time broad enough to accommodate the different scenarios – young athletes in every possible size, shape and color. You also have to consider one athlete, or that athlete and her two big brothers and then there’s the group of five best-friend-seniors and don’t forget about the team shots.

I like to set the stage and have a handful of poses so that I can walk the athlete through 3-4 different poses. This way I get more than just one pose for the parent and more chances of that ‘amazing shot’ for each player. Some poses don’t work for some players, so by running them through a few shapes and scenarios, we’re bound to get an awesome shot.

If you have a sports team that needs to be photographed, please contact me for options.

If I can get everyone on the team to purchase a basic package, then that allows me to afford to provide the headshots to the school team and yearbook for no charge. For small teams and/or limited participation, I have to charge a set-up fee otherwise I end up making $20 on a 15-hour shoot and production.