I've been a professional photographer/photojournalist for 35 years. Join me on my journey as I take storytelling beyond the photographs we take.





I wear five hats.

HAT ONE: I'm first and foremost a husband to my amazing wife and partner, Keli, and a father to two amazing young adults, Kyle and Kayden. They are my life and the reason I do what I do - every day.

HAT TWO: I'm a full-time content creator at Northern Arizona Healthcare. I produce all the photography and films used by Northern Arizona's largest hospital system to tell the story of our patients, colleagues and the communities we serve. You can find my work on the NAH YouTube channel.

HAT THREE: I'm a filmmaker and storyteller. I tell stories using photos, videos and words. I freelance and specialize in telling stories of people, events and businesses.

HAT FOUR: I'm an athlete. I run, bike, swim, lift, yoga and meditate. I'm forever a triathlete and love the way I feel wasted after a hard training session. Fitness is one of the most important elements in my life.

HAT FIVE: I'm an amateur philosopher and thinker. I'm on a lifelong self-improvement journey, and I hope to someday bring people along on my adventure as I discover the best way not only to capture important moments but to live them and organize them in a way we can connect and reflect with the moments that bring meaning and purpose to our lives.

I tell stories with images, words and video.

To have good stories...

Is to live forever

As a school-trained, newspaper-raised photojournalist, I believed that photos, ABOVE ALL, were the most significant way to capture a moment. Reporters and writers came along to give the photos context, but it was the photograph's 'decisive moment' that was critical.

Fast forward 30 years of telling stories for newspapers, the US Army, hospital patients, healthcare providers, and countless families, athletes and couples - and my perspective has dramatically changed.

Everyone has an amazing story that we can all learn from - their successes, their struggles and how their growth has impacted the world around them.

But that story needs more than just images to be told correctly.

I want to help you tell your story

"To be the arbiter of good stories is to live forever."

Mac Premo

The Team

Keli Openshaw

My wife of 25 years

Kyle Openshaw


My family is my inspiration

These people are my muse, and they made me realize there is more to capturing a moment than taking a photograph.

It's OUR story that drives me to want to help

you tell YOUR story.

Kayden Openshaw


My WHY Statement

I want to help people live, capture and catalog important moments;

through proven processes and procedures;

so they can create stories, preserve memories, and stay connected with the moments that bring meaning and purpose to their lives.

I combine photos, videos and words,

to tell uniquely compelling stories

about people, events and businesses,

to show personality, purpose and impact.