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Sean is an extremely talented photographer and we appreciate his enthusiasm for Girls on the Run. He is professional in his presence at events, in his communication, and in his scheduling procedures. Sean delivers the highest quality photos and videos. He is collaborative when creating videos, and clearly strives for – and reaches – excellence in all he does.

Sean is incredibly professional and dedicated. His photography is stunning and his communication before, during, and after our event was superb. Sean’s photography speaks for itself. He captured so many special moments from the 2020 GORE-TEX Uphill race and party. He processed and shared the photos with us quickly. From the action shots to the special moments, Sean is amazing at capturing the real heart of an event.



Event Photography

I combine 30 years of photojournalism experience to document your event.

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Team Sports Photography

I focus on creating athlete portraits that are far from production-line images.

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I specialize in environmental and personality portraits for high school seniors, families and businesses.

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Theater / Dance

Photographing theater and dance has been a passion project for the past 15 years.

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Video lets me tell the story behind the images and allows me to go deeper.

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Love stories

A wedding is an important day to capture, but just as important is the story of who they are and how they got here.

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Let's start telling your story.

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Why did F.A.M.E produce Heathers? A play about murder, suicide, sex, drugs, bullying and school violence — what could possibly go wrong? At FAME, students have input in deciding which shows get produce. Before choosing, the students meet to discuss possibilities and give us, the production team, their three top picks. They have input, but …

March 27, 2020

I love photographing sports in Northern Arizona. I like photographing action sports and team sports and individual sports and sports portraits. Any and all kinds of sports photography are my favorite. I’ve photographed professional sports while working for the Arizona Daily Sun, the Arizona Republic and Mesa Tribune and I even got to photograph a …

March 27, 2020

As a school-trained, newspaper-raised photojournalist, I always believed that the end-all way to capture a moment was the ever-elusive, ‘decisive moment’ found in the perfect photograph. Whether it was the professional portrait of a community leader, an environmental portrait of an athlete or artist, or the flavor of an event – it was the photograph …

March 25, 2020

A photograph can instantly reveal hundreds of descriptive words about me. The color of my eyes. The shade of my dress. Details about where I rest. Can a photograph depict the nuances of my personality? The shape, yes, perhaps reason in my smile. A sideways glance and the nuanced attitude behind my mask? “Oh, that …

March 24, 2020